Parma Noble Food is an online store, resulting from an elaborate project where local products, people, experiences and encounters blend to form a perfect alliance, thus allowing everyone to purchase with few clicks the fruits which our generous Parma land presents to us.

- The chance of being part of a rich and generous land with old traditions   
   gave birth to excellent products unparalleled in the world;
- Being part of a group of friends who share the same, strong passion for their   
   land and their work, encouraged the realization of the project;
- Having had the chance of travelling and meeting thousands of people who shared
   their experience with us, was a valuable incentive for our dreams come true;
- Being also manufacturers of Parmigiano Reggiano, allowed us to meet
   colleagues who are nourishing the same feelings and devotion to what they
These particular circumstances taken as a whole allow those who live far from our land to savour and taste our valuable Parma gastronomy products. Therefore, we want to set on your table, at any time, those carefully selected products, that are the fruit of the passion, devotion to and love for work that skilled masters have taught us.
Parma Noble Food is committed to offering you only top quality products selected by skilled masters, who cherish the traditions of this ancient art...

Trust us, and we promise we won’t disappoint your expectations!

Parma Noble Food Team

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